What to Do in Jaco and MoreWhat to do in Costa Rica,

Wondering what to do in Costa Rica? We’ve got you covered! Find out cool Costa Rica information that will help you plan your next trip.

Whether you’re coming for a visit or moving here full-time, Costa Rica offers a wide range of awesome activities for people of all ages. This country is truly a tropical paradise with lush forests, crystal clear waters, and stretches of deserted beach. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll have a plethora of opportunities to catch a wave or some sun and get a rush of adrenaline. Of course, if you enjoy shopping and cultural activities, Costa Rica offers those as well. Keep reading to learn Costa Rica information that will help you plan your next visit.

See Monkeys and More at Manuel Antonio National Park

Though it is the smallest protected green space in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park boasts some stunning scenery. Spend the day exploring secluded coves, deserted beaches, winding trails and lush rainforests. Be sure to keep your eye on the ground to spot camouflaged iguanas and purple-and-orange crabs. You’ll also want to look up from time to time to catch a glimpse of colorful rare birds. The park is also home to monkeys who love to swing overhead.

The park is open daily Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and guided tours are available upon request.

Visit a Volcano

If you’ve ever wanted to get a good look at a volcano while it’s erupting, head to Arenal, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Standing 5,000 feet tall, Arenal was dormant for hundreds of years. But then in July of 1968, the beast awoke from its slumber and has been spewing molten lava ever since on a regular basis.

Head to the Arenal Observatory Lodge, a fantastic viewing spot on the volcano’s northern side. How much you’ll get to see is dependent on the weather conditions, as many days a thick layer of fog hides the orange glow. Your best chances of getting a good view are between the months of February and April, when the weather cooperates a bit more.

Get Cultured

San José is Costa Rica’s modern and vibrant capital city. This is where locals and visitors go to tour museums and shop ‘til they drop. Spend an afternoon lazily meandering the city’s interconnected barrios (districts), then stop for a bite to eat at one of the many lovely cafes and restaurants. Got a sweet tooth? There are bakeries in San José that offer tantalizing temptations. And if you need a cold beer after a hot day of shopping, you will find no lack of bars to wet your whistle.

Visit Jaco Beach

Just an hour’s drive from the capital is Jaco. Wondering what to do in Jaco? This quaint town also boasts some great shops and restaurants to explore. But most people come here to spend the day at the beach. Hermosa is a surfers’ paradise, but if you’re not big on big waves, head to Playa Mantas or Playa Blanca where the waters are calm and perfect for taking an easy dip.

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